5 Best WWE Matches Of 2010

daniel bryan

Photo Credit: Getty Images

2010 wasn’t WWE’s best year in terms of the product. It was more of a buffer year for 2011, which would see big changes in the WWE. Ironically, 2011 had a bad WrestleMania but a great year, while 2010 had an extremely solid WrestleMania and an average year as a whole. It’s interesting because even 2016 had a low-quality WrestleMania but a high-quality year as a whole.

Take it as you will, but 2010 didn’t set the world on fire because the leading stars and World Champions didn’t seem to appeal to the crowd as much. Moreover, Shawn Michaels had retired and The Undertaker officially ended his period as a full-timer in WWE, only returning in 2011 as a part-timer.

That isn’t to say that they didn’t have any good matches, because there were still many solid bouts that impacted the year as a whole. Here are the five best ones.

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