Best WWE Matches Of 2001

Photo By Getty Images

2001 was a pivotal year for WWE. It was a turning point because WrestleMania X7 saw the conclusion of the Attitude Era. 2001 also happened to be the year where WWE ended up purchasing WCW for a meager few million dollars. It saw the infamous invasion angle – an angle that didn’t really feature the top-tier WCW stars and one that was considered a general failure despite the financial success it had.

One of the major aspects where WWE did well in 2000 was the quality of matches. While 2000 undoubtedly had some great matches, the quality of the in-ring product undoubtedly took a step up the following year. Featuring the same top stars as the year before, 2001 saw some of the most iconic matches and moments in WWE history. Let’s look into it!

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