5 WWE Superstars Who Proved Vince McMahon Wrong

Photo by Andrew Toth/FilmMagic

Mick Foley once said that in order to get pushed in WWE, you need to make Vince McMahon a fan of you. Now, given that McMahon is the #1 man in all of professional wrestling/sports entertainment, it’s naturally no easy task. He’s seen generations of talent pass by and he’s seen the very best and many on an average level.

Though many people don’t give him credit for it, McMahon does have an eye for talent. However, that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t overlooked talent that was far more capable of being main eventers than even he realized it. The good part is that there are a select few who truly managed to change his mind and convince him that they’re top championship material.

Here are a few superstars who proved the boss wrong.

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