5 Lowest Drawing WWE Champions In History

WWE has had many great boom periods over the years. The two biggest boom periods were in the late 80/early 90s of the Golden Era and the brief years of the Attitude Era. These years, despite not being as long as many people realize, are remembered mainly for the impact that they created.

However, in between these periods, there were darker times for WWE. Whether it was dealing with the steroid scandal or otherwise, it led to a big change in policy, i.e, the kinds of superstars that would get pushed. What also happened during these periods is that wrestling, in general, lost a bit of popularity.

As a result of that and other factors, ratings were low and there weren’t necessarily the right superstars always carrying the WWE Championship. This list will likely surprise you because it involves some of the all-time greats. We look at the lowest drawing WWE champions in history.

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