5 Best Talkers In WWE History

Ric Flair

Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

In WWE, being a good in-ring wrestler is important, but many might be surprised to know that it’s only secondary. Think about it – superstars of the past such as Hulk Hogan weren’t known for their in-ring prowess (though he had a lot more technical ability than many people realize), but their charisma and ability to connect with the audience.

It’s always been a fact that fans are more invested in characters over what their in-ring abilities are. That’s why the microphone is the most important thing, especially in WWE. The WWE main roster makes sure that most superstars get promo time so that they can connect with the audience.

It really is the most powerful tool and many legends of the past have used it to make themselves megastars. There have been many great talkers over the years, but we’re going to look at the five greatest talkers in WWE history.

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