5 Greatest Face Vs Face Rivalries In WWE History

Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images

Wrestling, throughout its history, has been built around the good old concept of good guy vs bad guy. The biggest draws in wrestling were either the most hated men around, or more often than not, the heroes who would defeat the bad guys. Naturally, promotions had to build themselves around these good guys, or babyfaces as they’re known in wrestling.

The truth of the matter is that face vs heel rivalries have historically drawn more money and it’s something that people always prefer to see. Naturally, a storyline is more appealing when the babyface has an obstacle to overcome in the form of a heel. However, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been many face vs face feuds.

On many different occasions in WWE and otherwise, fans have been treated to seeing two good guys battle it out against each other. Just because two people are babyfaces, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their characters have to get along. There have been several money feuds over the years and we look at the five best babyface vs babyface rivalries in WWE history.

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