5 Greatest Non-Ladder Matches At The Money In The Bank PPV

Dean Ambrose

(Photo by Foc Kan/WireImage)

#5.) Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose – MITB 2015

June 2015 saw Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins renew their rivalry. They had faced off the prior month at Elimination Chamber, where Seth Rollins controversially retained the title. At MITB, it was a ladder match in the main event for the WWE title and they would have an all-out war for 35 minutes.

It was enthralling action through and through, and the finish was incredible (and frustrating, if you’re a Dean Ambrose fan), as Seth Rollins managed to grab the title from the top in a tug of war, escaping with a narrow and very lucky victory. After the match, Ambrose made a very heartfelt and passionate speech about being screwed over constantly by a “technicality”. He ended it by vowing to become WWE Champion, a truly prophetic statement, as he would do so exactly a year later.

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