Owen Hart’s 5 Greatest Matches

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

#5.) w/ The New Hart Foundation vs Steve Austin, Goldust, Legion of Doom and Ken Shamrock – Canadian Stampede 1997

Canadian Stampede 1997 was one of the greatest nights in the history of the Hart family. It was The Hart Foundation at their peak against five of the “very best” superstars from the USA, during a time when there was still a lot of sensitivity with regards to patriotism. It was a massive main event in Calgary, and considering that Steve Austin was on the rise as a big babyface in US, this came as a shocker because of how much the crowd hated him.

The Harts were essentially treated like national treasures, while every move and attack by Austin and his team would receive crazy amounts of heat. At the end, Steve Austin took the pin from Owen Hart and the entire Hart Family came out to celebrate. It was a truly glorious moment for them.

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