Goldberg’s 5 Greatest Moments


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Goldberg was one of WCW’s biggest icons. Unlike most of the main event talent in the Monday Night Wars, he was the true example of a superstar who was homegrown by WCW through and through. Approached by Lex Luger and Sting during rehabilitation during a failing football career, Goldberg listened to them and went to train in the WCW Power Plant.

Naturally, the fact that he was a good athlete as well as the fact that he possessed a great look helped him secure a spot in WCW. When he began his run, he wouldn’t be defeated. It would be among the most interesting starts to a career that you could see, and those who witnessed the Monday Night Wars knew exactly why Goldberg was something special.

He didn’t have to be an in-ring technician. If anything, his biggest weaknesses were covered, and his biggest strengths was capitalized on, something that isn’t really done in wrestling anymore. However, it managed to shoot Goldberg to a new level of superstardom faster than many other stars in the company. Here are his greatest career moments.

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