5 Most Surprising WWE Hall Of Fame Inductions

#5.) The Godfather

There’s absolutely no denying Charles Wright’s place in the WWE Hall of Fame. He’s the very definition of a company man, and was loyal to WWE during his time there. He had gone through multiple gimmicks, from Papa Shango to Kama Mustafa of the Nation of Domination to The Godfather to The Goodfather.

However, though The Godfather was popular during its time, not many people remember that it was only a brief stint. Moreover, The Godfather is among the least PG characters in WWE history, which makes it a bit surprising that they’d induct him as The Godfather in the PG Era.

With that said, Charles Wright the man 100% deserved his place in the Hall of Fame for the years he put in. The Godfather character even had a nice little conclusion on RAW 25, finally having grown up.

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