5 Most Iconic WrestleMania Rivalries

Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images

#5.) Triple H vs The Undertaker

When Triple H and The Undertaker faced off for the first time at WrestleMania X7, nobody knew that it would end up becoming one of the most iconic rivalries in WrestleMania history. All three matches saw both competitors rise to the occasion, with Triple H coming closer than any other superstar at the time to ending The Phenom’s mythical undefeated streak.

The third time they would face at WrestleMania, it would be advertised as “The End of an Era” because they were the only two superstars of their time still going at that level. However, it wouldn’t really be the end, because both would continue to perform for years afterward. However, it was still an emotional moment after one of the greatest wars in WrestleMania history. The third of their trilogy was undoubtedly the best.

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