The Hart Foundation’s 5 Greatest Moments

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Hart Foundation is one of the most influential stables in WWE history. Could they have gone further than what they did? Of course. Many people ignore the fact that they were so good because they didn’t have a major money-drawing phase. And the fact of the matter was that they were never destined to be together for an extensive period of time anyway, primarily due to Bret Hart‘s singles potential.

Even their 1997 run ended in abrupt fashion, unfortunately. They had recruited new members in Brian Pillman, Owen Hart and The British Bulldog, but their run wasn’t destined to go on for so long, as Bret Hart left the company later that year. Either way, being on the cusp of the Attitude Era, The New Hart Foundation found their way to being one of the most entertaining acts in all of wrestling.

In their first run as just a duo (alongside Jimmy Hart), they played a vital role in the tag team division during the Golden Era. They were loved, they were hated, and they made people care about them. We look at the greatest moments from both renditions of the Hart Foundation.