Legion Of Doom’s 5 Greatest Moments In WWE

#4.) The first WrestleMania win – WrestleMania VII

Legion of Doom wasn’t even a year into their first run with the WWF when they got their first WrestleMania moment. While the card of the PPV wasn’t stacked so to speak, the length of the matches managed to get a lot of matches into the card, and almost every superstar on it as well.

Legion of Doom took on the short-lived team of “Power & Glory”. The match was a quick one, with Power and Glory attacking the Legion of Doom before the bell had even rung. While it seemed like the legendary tag team were in big trouble, it didn’t take long for them to turn the action around. 59 seconds into the bell’s first ring, LoD would hit the Doomsday Device to pick up the win and get their WrestleMania moment.

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