5 Most Shocking WWE Championship Changes

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Championship changes are a part of wrestling and constantly have to happen. It’s great to see a fan favourite superstar reign supreme for a long time, but if there is no change, where is the fun? Whether it’s simply a changing of the guard, the right time to pull the trigger or anything else, world title changes are just a part of the business.

To people, the World Championship represents the cream of the crop. It’s always meant that if a superstar has won the World Championship, they were most probably the best there was around. While it’s subjective as to decide who was “unworthy” of being a World Champion, there have been many cases where fans have gone into absolute shock over the big title changing hands.

Whether it was them simply not being ready to see a change, or whether it was them being caught completely off-guard, there have been moments that have absolutely shocked the wrestling world.

We take a look at some World Championship changes over time that have sent the wrestling world into a shock and frenzy.

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