Pedro Morales’ 5 Greatest Career Accomplishments

Pedro Morales might be one of the most underrated legends of his time. He was virtually the handpicked successor of Bruno Sammartino, and while he may not have sold out Madison Square Garden 188 times, he created an impact in his own right, especially among the Puerto Rican immigrants and descendants in the United States and outside.

The Latino market was a major one for WWE, and similar to how Sammartino cornered the Italian-American demographic, Morales played a big role in the Latino demographic. His accomplishments can’t be overlooked, as he was the face of the franchise for over a 1000 days.

While his career ended in 1987 and he somewhat slipped into the midcard for the last few years, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, as he did put over a lot of superstars of the golden era. Before his Hall of Fame induction, he almost made his way into commentary, being one of the first Spanish announcers.

Let’s look at some of his great career accomplishments

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