Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ 5 Best Moments

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

#5.) The Undertaker‘s first babyface turn

The Undertaker had been aligned with Jake “The Snake” Roberts during his famous feud with Randy SavageThe Phenom was still relatively new at the time, being around for just a little over a year. After Savage defeated Roberts to end their feud in 1992, an infuriated Jake Roberts was ready to attack the first person who came backstage, whether it was Savage or Miss Elizabeth.

As Roberts was ready to strike them, The Undertaker stopped him by holding the chair.  In a follow-up segment, Roberts asked Undertaker “Whose side are you on?”, and Undertaker responded, “Not yours”. The story may not have seen Roberts stand tall, but he did a phenomenal job in putting The Undertaker over, even as a babyface. Had Roberts not done that, it’s unlikely that The Phenom would reach the heights that he would eventually achieve.

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