‘Mr. Perfect’ Curt Hennig’s 5 Greatest Matches

bobby heenan

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.org

#5.) vs Tito Santana – Saturday Night’s Main Event – July 1990

Mr. Perfect played a formidable foe to Hulk Hogan, but the WWE Champion at the time proved too much for someone of Hennig’s experience to handle. Soon after that, he got Bobby “The Brain” Heenan as his manager, and his career had gone in an upwards trajectory. Not only was he finding his footing, but he added the Intercontinental Championship to his collection.

He would face Tito Santana in an Intercontinental Championship bout, and the crowd was hot for Santana, hoping he would walk out with the gold. The commentators put Perfect over well, with Vince McMahon even saying that he didn’t like people who thought they were perfect.

It was a great back-and-forth bout, with Bobby Heenan constantly trying to distract the referee. Ultimately, Santana fell short after nearly winning, and Perfect would walk out still Intercontinental Champion, having just escaped the clutches of defeat.

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