5 Best Non-Rumble Matches In WWE Royal Rumble PPV History

brock lesnar vs samoa joe

(Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

#5.) Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins vs John Cena – 2015

John Cena established himself as the number one contender for the WWE title. The man he had to face happened to be the very person who dethroned him for the title in dominating fashion just a few months prior. Seth Rollins, despite holding the MITB briefcase, was rewarded a title opportunity as he was a part of the authority.

What resulted was one of the greatest triple threat matches that you’ll ever see. Each competitor played their role to absolute perfection. Cena and Rollins desperately tried to take Lesnar out of the equation, and they did temporarily, only to learn the harsh reality that The Beast Incarnate doesn’t stay down.

Rollins stole the show with a jaw-dropping performance. Lesnar won the match and retained his title, but Rollins got a big ovation from the crowd afterward.

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