Cedric Alexander’s 5 Best Matches In WWE

Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images

Cedric Alexander has come a long way in his career. He was always acknowledged as a standout and future star on the independents, which led him to getting opportunities in Ring Of Honor. He dedicated six years of his career developing in ROH, where he undeniably improved as a performer. However, he still didn’t find singles success with ROH.

The turning point of his career was when he cut a whopping 20 pounds to meet the 205-pound limit and be a part of the Cruiserweight Classic. Though he wasn’t successful, it was only the start of his journey. It’s true that Alexander hasn’t fully developed his mic skills and charisma, but what he lacks on the microphone, he more than compensates for in the ring.

He has an undeniable presence in the ring and from the CWC to RAW to 205 Live, his style of wrestling radiated positivity and it was infectious. He soon became loved among the larger WWE audience and his star continues to rise. To call him a great wrestler would be an injustice. He’s put on some incredible matches in his WWE run and these five stand out among the rest.

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