5 Superstars WWE Needs To Sign In 2019

Photo Credit: AXS TV

It’s hard to argue that WWE has the greatest roster in its history. From an in-ring standpoint, there’s truly no better time to be a wrestling fan (especially watching non-WWE promotions). The rosters on RAW and SmackDown are absolutely loaded with talent and when you look at NXT, it’s clear to see that the yellow brand has its strongest roster in the last few years.

When you account for all the talent that’s going to be called up to the main roster, both brands are going to be talent-stacked and more competitive than ever. It’s going to be hard for each superstar to get that main event spot, but that’s what differentiates the best from the rest.

WWE is always looking to sign top talent and 2019 could be their biggest year yet as they have the opportunity to sign some of the best talents across the world. These are five superstars WWE needs to sign in 2019.

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