5 Best WWE Storylines Of 2018

daniel bryan

Photo by Shivam Saxena/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

It’s been a great year for WWE in terms of character development. Superstars who floundered or were overlooked in the previous years finally got their chance to shine. It just goes to show that WWE fans may be nostalgic, but there’s no denying that the current roster is the best in the history of the company.

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There’s just so much potential that it’s unbelievable to think that it’s not capitalized on more often than not. The fact that NXT currently has the best crop of talent in the brand’s history makes the future all the more exciting. Since WWE programming is a 52-week non-stop cycle, there’s a lot of space for slow character development.

These were the five best character arcs and storylines in WWE this year.

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