5 Superstars Who Will Be Pushed In WWE’s New Era

WWE’s “new era” announcement may have underwhelmed a lot of people. It’s true that there are a few downsides, such as the McMahon family being featured more and a few other creative decisions. But we’ve seen many cases where WWE has announced change but it took a while to come.

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This announcement may not have caused a lot of changes, but what’s more likely to happen is that it will usher in the rise of many new superstars. Names from NXT and elsewhere will pop up and the cycle will continue. The difference, however, is that this generation of talent is absolutely incredible and one of the most exciting ones yet.

The future is bright for the company, as the current batch of NXT superstars may be the best in the brand’s history. There are so many exciting names and call-ups to be made, but it’s these five superstars who are going to get pushed in 2019.

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