5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali has come a long way since his WWE debut. He wasn’t a superstar who had a lot of buzz in the indies such as Cedric Alexander. He was relatively well-known but just not at the same level. However, he was the perfect superstar for 205 Live as he wanted to be a part of building the brand into a bigger entity.

Whenever asked if he’d rather go to RAW or SmackDown Live, he would always choose 205 Live. Had he stayed longer, there’s no doubt that he would inevitably become Cruiserweight Champion. However, bigger things lie ahead for him as he was chosen to join the SmackDown Live roster full-time.

Ali has a lot of potential and it’s clear that WWE recognizes Ali for what he is: a role model. He’s always advocated for positivity and unity, beyond any barriers of nationality, race or religion. His message is inspiring and he’s the right superstar to help represent the company going forward. He’s had quite a journey in the wrestling industry so far and here are five things you need to know about the heart of 205 Live.

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