Matt Riddle’s 5 Best Matches

matt riddle

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons / ZekeDane

Matt Riddle is essentially a wrestling prodigy. He belongs to an elite club of wrestlers who have picked up the business faster than the rest. It’s interesting to see how superstars who fall under the same category – such as Kurt Angle, Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey (to some extent) all have legitimate athletic backgrounds.

This definitely helps them to a great extent but it’s a special ability to absorb, learn and grind that separates them from the rest. Sean Waltman, who was one of Riddle’s trainers even stated that The King Of Bros has potential to be a Kurt Angle-caliber athlete. That’s huge praise coming from someone who started off long before Angle and saw his beginnings and quick ascent to the top.

Riddle is a superstar who many independent promotions have put faith in, and it comes as no surprise that he would always main event or co-main event every show that he was on. Either way, his body of work in such little time is nothing short of impressive and we look at his five best matches.

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