5 WWE Superstars Who Can Replace Baron Corbin As The Next RAW General Manager

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Baron Corbin has spent a good part of 2018 not wrestling. Though he’s still a talent, his move to RAW was initially seen as one that would likely dampen his career, as his push on SmackDown Live always felt start-stop. However, little did fans expect that the plans were for Corbin to be appointed in an authoritarian role.

He was initially hired as the Constable of RAW, with his role to overlook General Manager Kurt Angle‘s decisions. As Angle was written off storyline to go and take a vacation (in reality he had taken a break to train for an in-ring return), he was then appointed as General Manager elect of RAW.

However, his time as an authority figure may be coming to an end. As he takes on Braun Strowman at TLC, the stipulation states that if he wins, he becomes permanent RAW General Manager, replacing Kurt Angle. If he loses, his authoritarian power is over and Strowman gets a Universal title shot at Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.

Whether he wins or not, there will be a point where his role as GM ends, and these are the five best candidates to replace him.

5 WWE Superstars Who Can Replace Baron Corbin as next RAW General Manager

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#5.) Triple H

It would seem odd that the COO of a company would take a “demotion” and become General Manager. At this point, Triple H seems too big for it. However, with his torn pec and uncertainty over when he’s returning to the ring, now would be a perfect time for The King Of Kings to make a return as an Authority Figure.

No, we aren’t implying that they should reunite the Authority (because that’s the last thing WWE needs). Rather, Triple H can return as a babyface authority figure.  It would make for a good storyline and create tension with his wife, the commissioner of RAW Stephanie McMahon, who’s been a heel for a long time herself.

It can also be the driving force for his next major match-up.

5 WWE Superstars Who Can Replace Baron Corbin as next RAW General Manager

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#4.) Booker T

Who else misses Booker T on screen? He was a General Manager at one point a few years ago, but he was last seen on WWE TV as a commentator for the red brand before being replaced. His commentary often didn’t make sense but there’s no denying that he was absolutely entertaining and his on-screen beef with Corey Graves made for fun television.

The 6-time World Champion would be a great replacement as General Manager, as a babyface who does a straightforward job, similar to William Regal‘s role in NXT.

5 WWE Superstars Who Can Replace Baron Corbin as next RAW General Manager

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#3.) Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy himself offered to take the role of General Manager on Twitter, after seeing the condition that RAW is in thanks to Corbin. We’ve never seen the likes of a GM like Woken Matt Hardy and if he were appointed the role, it would make for fantastic television.

It would definitely lighten things up on RAW and we’d be seeing an authority figure like we never have before. Although he’s denied the retirement rumors, there’s no doubt that he’s beginning to slow down, and an on-screen role without wrestling would be great for him.

5 WWE Superstars Who Can Replace Baron Corbin as next RAW General Manager

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#2.) Alexa Bliss

As she was given the role of managing the RAW Women’s division by Corbin himself, it seems commonsensical that Bliss is the replacement for Corbin. Since suffering multiple concussions in a short span of time, Alexa Bliss has been on the shelf for a while now. She was rumored to be medically cleared but that doesn’t fully seem to be the case yet.

Naturally, WWE is going to be very careful with the concussion issue (and rightfully so). If it means Alexa Bliss has to be away from the ring for a while longer, then it’s a good option for her to become the next GM. She’s a great talker and would be a perfect fit for the authoritarian role, even if temporarily.

5 WWE Superstars Who Can Replace Baron Corbin as next RAW General Manager

Kurt Angle (Photo by Phillip Massey/FilmMagic)

#1.) Kurt Angle

There’s an old saying – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This applies to the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle. It’s true that technically, he still is the lineal RAW General Manager. But it’s high time that he comes back on-screen on a weekly basis in his old role. He’s well-loved by the fans and gets cheered every week.

Not to mention, Angle has a whole list of dream opponents in WWE alone, and with his role as GM, it potentially sets up many matches in the near future, even if he wrestles a few times a year.