5 Best WWE Christmas Moments

#5.) Hornswoggle receives a Christmas miracle

This fun little segment from SmackDown was absolutely hilarious. In 2011, there was a little Christmas party going on backstage, featuring the likes of late, great legends such as Dusty Rhodes and Roddy Piper. Santa was present too and Hornswoggle went to him, with Santa trying to guess what it was that he wanted to wish for.

Sheamus came in and cleared his doubts – that he simply wanted to communicate with people. The Christmas miracle happened and Hornswoggle began talking (a very bizarre yet hilarious way to do it). He then started talking to everyone, who looked on in surprise. Mick Foley then walked in and asked since when he began talking. They all looked at Santa, who vanished, but his voice was heard from above. Assuming they had too much eggnog, they all threw it back into the bowl and left.

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