Kazuchika Okada’s 5 Best Matches

Kazuchika Okada’s 5 Best Matches

Photo Credit: AXS TV

There’s no better “big match” wrestler in the world today than Kazuchika Okada. When he returned to NJPW after an unsuccessful TNA excursion, he was viewed as the Golden Boy who was pushed and promoted way too fast. He shocked the world by winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship on his very first attempt and since then, never looked back.

While many fans don’t know it, Okada’s story and character arcs is one of the best in all of wrestling and his change from the company golden boy to the hard-working, honest man who earned everything to eventually becoming the new ace of the company is one that will go down in wrestling history.

His 2-year IWGP Heavyweight title reign is the longest of all time and frankly speaking, is the greatest world championship reign of the modern era across all promotions. Even looking at it now, Okada is in his prime and has already put on a legendary string of matches that’s going to be very difficult to top. You could make a top 20 match list and it still wouldn’t justify how great his body of work really is. Let’s take a look at his five best matches.

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