5 Potential Opponents For Ember Moon On SmackDown

5 potential opponents for Ember Moon on SmackDown

Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images

Ember Moon had an eventful stint in NXT, where she spent around one and a half years. In that time, she had some incredible feuds and even ended up becoming NXT Women’s Champion after two unsuccessful attempts. However, resilience and relentlessness have proven to be two very important, career-defining traits of The Shenom.

She then made her way to RAW, where she is currently a part of the roster. While she had a good start, she hasn’t fully found her footing on the brand, as the creative focus has been on the other women for the time being. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing and her time is bound to come at some point or the other, as she’s still young with a lot of upside to her.

With that said, an eventual change in brands would certainly freshen things up, for both the blue brand roster and for Ember Moon herself. There’s no real rush to switch, however, as she hasn’t been a part of any real storyline on RAW since her call-up from NXT. When the switch does eventually happen, here are the five best feuds for her.

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