Paul Heyman’s 5 Greatest Promos

paul heyman

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Paul Heyman is without a doubt one of the greatest talkers in the history of the business. The former head of ECW, Heyman transitioned into various roles in WWE, both backstage and on-screen. He was responsible for the glorious SmackDown Six era and even served as the General Manager of the blue brand for a while. However, creative and other differences saw Heyman leave, returning years later.

He’s also served as the manager for both CM Punk and Brock Lesnar. While it’s obvious why he’s Lesnar’s mouthpiece, it came as a surprise to many that he also spoke for Punk, who was a great talker in his own right. Either way, there are few people in the history of pro wrestling who convey the emotion and intensity that Heyman does.

Heyman himself has said on multiple occasions that given a mic and no script, he could probably talk through an entire episode of RAW and who can doubt him? We’ve seen him cut some all-time great promos through the years and these five are his career standouts.

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