6 WWE Superstars Who Shined At Survivor Series 2018

Survivor Series 2018 is in the books and it certainly was a shocking one. Excluding the kickoff show match (which WWE for some reason chose to ignore), RAW beat SmackDown Live in a 6-0 clean sweep. This was quite different from 2017, where RAW beat SmackDown narrowly 4-3.

Naturally, it was done for storyline purpose but repeatedly calling their own second show the “B-show” and then going on to prove them right certainly doesn’t look good on the blue brand and its superstars. Regardless, despite the clean sweep, there were still superstars from the blue brand that shone.

These superstars took it to the next level and proved why they belonged in the big stage. For some, it was a huge step forward and potentially a career-changer, and for the others, they continued to prove why they deserved the spotlight.

Let’s take a look at five superstars who shone the most at Survivor Series.

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