5 Most Iconic Moments In Starrcade History

5 Most Iconic Moments In Starrcade History

(Photo by Aaron Davidson/WireImage)

#5.) Harley Race puts over Ric Flair

You’re going to be seeing quite a bit of The Nature Boy Ric Flair on this list. Around 1983, Ric Flair was still the up-and-comer and though he already had won the NWA World title. However, he was yet to have a coronation. In the first-ever Starrcade main event, Harley Race took on Ric Flair in a defence of the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

If you’re not aware,  the feud between Race and Flair was a heated one. Race for months had called a bounty to attack Ric Flair and an angle even saw Flair enter retirement, though he came out of it for the match. The match represented everything good about old school 80s wrestling. A maniacal crowd, a steel cage and an intense rivalry that saw blood splatter across the ring.

Flair beat Race to win his second world title in what was clearly a star-making performance for The Nature Boy.

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