Austin Aries’ 5 Best Moments

Austin Aries’ 5 Best Moments

Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

Only a few crop of wrestlers can say that they’ve performed in the biggest wrestling promotions in the world and found success. While Austin Aries may not have seen championship success in WWE, it far from defines his career success. Wherever he’s gone, he’s proved to be a legitimate main eventer and is often goes uncredited in paving the way for “smaller” wrestlers.

Despite many believing that his size held him back, Aries has seen a lot of championship success, being a 5-time World Champion between Ring Of Honor and Impact Wrestling. He’s proven over the years that he’s the total package, being an incredible talent in the ring, a great talker and a boatload of charisma.

His success has spanned across promotions and his “collector of belts” gimmick definitely applies to real life, as he has quite an incredible championship collection of his own right. It wasn’t just the heavyweight division that Aries found success in and we take a look at his five best moments.

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