Bobby Lashley’s 5 Best Matches

Bobby Lashley’s 5 Best Matches

Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images

Bobby Lashley is a freak athlete. Going all the way back to his WWE days in 2005, he was presented as one of the most legitimate athletes and a future main eventer. For a multitude of reasons including an injury, Lashley left the company in 2008. It was a shame because he was pushed hard and it was clear that he was being prepared for a WWE Championship run in the future.

Either way, he used his time away to hone his craft elsewhere. It wasn’t just pro wrestling which he continued, but he began a career in MMA. It was quite a successful one as well because his last MMA fight in 2016 saw him hold an impressive professional record of 15-2.

He had a very successful run in TNA as well, winning the World Championship 4 times. He was presented as a main eventer and saw a new side of his career, where he undoubtedly peaked as a performer in the ring. His run at Impact helped him mature as a wrestler and he sailed back to where he started: the WWE.

Lashley’s body of work has often gone under the radar but we present to you the five best matches of his career.

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