5 Moments That Cemented Shawn Michaels As ‘Mr. WrestleMania’

Photo by Bob Levey/WireImage

Shawn Michaels has gone by many monikers in his time. The Heartbreak Kid, The Icon, The Showstopper, The Main Event and more. But a name that sticks out is Mr. WrestleMania. True to the name, Shawn Michaels is the greatest performer in WrestleMania history. He may not have the win streak that The Undertaker had (quite the opposite, in fact, as his record at WrestleMania stands at 6-11).

But don’t let the record fool you or define how he was at WrestleMania. At the grandest stage of them all, no one knew how to steal the show like Shawn Michaels did. He’s faced the best of the best and through the years evolved as a performer, only getting better and better. It’s almost as though he was a special attraction at WrestleMania alone. Nothing could hold him back and we take a look at the five best WrestleMania moments of the Heartbreak Kid.

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