Scott Hall’s 5 Greatest Moments

Scott Hall’s 5 Greatest Moments

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Scott Hall brought something entirely different to the table. When he was Razor Ramon, he was the toothpick chewing, cocky Hollywood-esque character that went by the moniker The Bad Guy, whether he was actually a bad guy or not. He made a tremendous impact in his initial run with the WWE, being one of the first major superstars of the New Generation Era.

Even in WCW, his role with the NWO made him one of the most important stars in the entire company and it’s little wonder that the company splurged money to bring him and Kevin Nash over. In retrospect, despite all downfall that he underwent for many years due to drug and alcohol abuse, there’s no denying that he possessed one of the best minds in the wrestling business.

There are few like him who possessed the charisma, the presence, and the prowess. These are few of the many qualities that shot him to superstardom. Despite not having a world title on his resumé, there’s no denying his importance in wrestling history.

He’s had some career-great moments and we take a look at the five most memorable ones.

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