5 Greatest WarGames Matches

WarGames as a concept was invented by the late, great Dusty Rhodes. It was at The Great American Bash in 1987 where this incredible tradition was born. It was an extremely unique concept for its time, as nothing like it had been seen before. The all-time greats battled inside the massive structure in a battle of supremacy. Grudges were settled and lives were changed during WarGames.

If you aren’t familiar with WarGames, it’s a fairly simple concept. It features two rings, side-by-side. Usually, two or three teams participate in the bout. At first, the match begins with one entrant from each team. After five minutes, a member of another team enters, giving one team an advantage. After two minutes, the next entrant from a team enters. This continues until all participants enter the ring.

Back in the 80s and 90s, this was referred to as “The Match Beyond”. It had taken nearly 20 years for it to return. It was reported that Vince McMahon was not a fan of bringing the concept of WarGames to WWE because it wasn’t his property or creation – thus introducing the Elimination Chamber. Triple H, however, was said to be a big fan of bringing it to WWE, which is perhaps why he brought WarGames to NXT.

There have been several memorable and iconic matches inside the gargantuan structure, and we look at the five greatest of them.

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