Trish Stratus’ 5 Greatest Moments

Trish Stratus’ 5 Greatest Moments

Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images

Trish Stratus earned her place in the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2013. Although her career lasted just over six years, the impact she made cannot be understated. She’s one of the biggest trailblazers in the history of WWE’s Women’s Division. She’s well in the conversation for an all-time great in the Women’s Division.

A 7-Time World Champion, Stratus stood out as a wrestler in an era where WWE only seemed to hire models as female talent. Together, she and Lita led an early revolution that saw a surge in women’s status in WWE, around the time that Chyna had left. She influenced a whole generation of women who would be a part of WWE’s Women’s Revolution (and Evolution). It’s very likely that her influence will continue on for years to come.

She’s deservedly etched her place in history and these five moments of her career stand out the most.

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