5 Amazing Facts About Diamond Dallas Page

5 Amazing Facts About Diamond Dallas Page

(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Diamond Dallas Page had a storied wrestling career, despite starting off quite late. The best word to describe his journey would be “unconventional”. While it wasn’t uncommon to see wrestlers wind down their careers at a later age and turn into managers, DDP started off in the business as a manager before making a big break as a wrestler.

Even so, while he did start late, he wound up becoming one of the most accomplished homegrown stars in WCW history, winning multiple accolades and rising to popularity. When the topic of the best homegrown WCW stars are brought up, three names come to mind – Sting, Goldberg & DDP.

Through the years he became one of the most popular superstars in the world, and though it didn’t translate as well in his eventual WWE run, there’s no denying that he had to overcome a lot of hurdles, in his personal life and in the wrestling business, to get to where he is today.

Today, he’s revered as one of the nicest people to have stepped foot in the ring and continues to help wrestlers and many others through his famous DDP Yoga programs. We look at DDP’s story and 5 things you may not have known about him!

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