Isenberg Reacts: WWE No Mercy “Missed Out on a Massive Opportunity”

(Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Los Angeles was hot for WWE No Mercy and provided us with some excellent in-ring action. The first match to the last match showed that brand splits can still benefit the shows overall success. Look at this deep card and how I graded the matches.

The Miz defeated Jason Jordan

The Miz used his boys to help defeat the new Suplex machine in Jason Jordan. I feel for Jordan because he is exactly what fans want these days. They want a natural athlete who has an amateur background and a great speed/power combination. The storyline is what is killing Jordan, something that is not believable and forced. The match was controlled by Jordan, but The Miz hung around just enough to hit Skull Crushing Finale. They were given 10 minutes and all of it clicked. I wouldn’t mind seeing these guys fight more often. They have a natural chemistry and are polar opposites when it comes to personality.

WZ 7.5

Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt

Talk about a solid second match. Bray’s pre-match attack on Finn Balor was perfect. It set him up for a better opportunity to knock the man down from his demon ways. This gave Wyatt the opportunity to fully attack Finn in all areas of his body, even hitting a nice suplex onto the table. You have to love Wyatt’s ability to suplex and release his opponent halfway across the ring. It looked physically painful for Balor. Balor would fight back and hit some kicks and dropkicks before Coup de Grace to finish the match in under 12 minutes. Shorter than SummerSlam, but the attack before the bell rang gave us a little more drama than I expected. WWE is much more invested in Balor over Wyatt. Just look at the past two months.

WZZ 6.5