Isenberg Reacts: Previewing No Mercy and Why Braun Strowman Should Win on Sunday”

No Mercy is live on Sunday from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California with two WrestleMania type main events. With the changes of the WWE Network and Pay-Per-View, it should not be this shocking. It is, considering these two matches were discussed a few months ago to headline WrestleMania in New Orleans. The card from the WWE RAW side is stacked, with 7 matches and none of them really downers. Let’s break down the matches and who should walk out victorious.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Enzo Amore gets a huge push to the top of 205 Live in a matter of 3-4 weeks, earning a shot at Neville’s championship on Sunday. In my mind, there is no way Enzo Amore defeats Neville. As you have seen over the past month, WWE is 100 percent punishing Enzo for his real-life antics and drama. Point and case was on WWE RAW, with Braun Strowman crushing him for absolutely no reason. Neville hit a Red Arrow as well, stating his case that he is far superior than Enzo. I think WWE knew they screwed up on Neville dropping the title to Akira Tozawa, as well as Enzo and Cass splitting up. Trying to use Enzo because he is still very popular with the young crowd, he gets a chance to redeem himself against one of the best athletes.

I do think this match will be better than expected, but you have to think Neville rolls here and continues to motor through that roster. Nobody is near the Neville level, especially if he brings that hideous laugh out from time to time. As for Enzo, I think he can still show he is an entertaining performer, eat some humble pie and work his way into being a good professional wrestler. He is a great professional talker, but we have seen that speaking and barely wrestling can only get you so far in WWE in 2017.

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