Isenberg Reacts: WWE NXT “UK Championship Steals The Show, Cole and The Gang Attack”

The Street Profits vs. The Ealy Brother


Two teams looking to make a name for themselves, as Dawkins starts the match by getting his headband ripped up, which upsets him. Two double team moves from Ford and Dawkins, with a hanging splash onto each men’s back. They begin to celebrate, but Ford gets hit with a massive clothesline. Dawkins gets a hot tag and cleans house with a dropkick and a nice clothesline. He hits a spinning elbow and two splashes into the corner. Ford hits a splash from the top and The Street Profits pick up the win.

They are certainly entertaining and have “fun” moves, but you can tell both teams are still trying to feel the other ones out. Ealy Brothers have the look, but are very generic in their presentation. The Street Profits go into the crowd, celebrate with the fans and get the energy of the NXT Universe. They remind me of No Way Jose as soon as he came to NXT. They have a good presence, but still need to improve on the few moves that we have seen from them over the past month.

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