Isenberg Reacts: WWE NXT “UK Championship Steals The Show, Cole and The Gang Attack”

Women’s Tag Team Action


Ruby Riot starts off by herself in a match with Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. She starts out hot, but the two women end up beating her down with kicks and punches. We see Nikki Cross come through the crowd, looking crazed and insane as usual. Peyton hits knee strikes and then a submission hold into the ropes, followed by a double suplex. Ruby fights them off and Nikki Cross tags herself into the match and begins to unload on the Iconic best friends.  She hits a few clotheslines and then hits her finisher on Billie Kay. She leaves the arena and Riot gets into the ring to finish off Kay and Royce, looking confused as to what just happened.

A very nice twist to kick things off, as Nikki Cross comes to the aid of Ruby Riot. I really enjoy Cross and Riot’s prior interactions and think this was able to benefit the four most important women on the roster. With no title opportunity for a while, let them battle with one another and further develop a feud that can keep all of them at the top. Nikki is so damn good at what she does and you have to give credit to Billie and Peyton. They live their gimmick as well and own their craft in the ring. All women continue to get better with more essence to them.

WZ 6

Johnny Gargano vs. Riddick Moss

Moss, who is with Tino Sabatelli, come out to fight with Johnny Wrestling. Two minutes of power overtakes Gargano, with Moss hitting a few body slams and clotheslines. Gargano gets leveled with a big elbow and taken down again. More physicality from Moss, but Gargano gets desperate with clotheslines and then a spin kick to the head. He sends Moss outside, hits a dive and a senton and then brings him back in to apply a cross face. Moss fights out of it, as Gargano hits Tino with a kick on the apron and then he hits a spear to pick up the win.

This was a surprisingly good outing from Riddick Moss, a guy that is in the very early stages of his character development. I like the potential he and Tino have, but the will and desire to fight back is exactly what we saw and needed to see from Johnny Gargano. This was just a great story of power over speed, heart over head and it came off very logical. I would love to see more of Moss and Tino, potentially getting a chance to be one of the tag teams that get a big push in the near future. They have the look and the attitude to be a very good heel team. As for Johnny, you know he will continue to roll until Ciampa is ready to fight.

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