Isenberg Reacts: WWE RAW “Breaking The Fourth Wall Continues, But Is It Always a Good Thing?”

(Photo credit: PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit: PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

The Big Dog took on Jason Jordan on WWE RAW, kicking things off for the second straight week of WWE trying to get Jason Jordan over with two polarizing figures. Good enough was Jordan, although he picked up yet another loss. I actually think WWE is doing him a favor, showcasing that he can work with the top guys in the company and out-wrestle both of them. Jordan will benefit from this, as two straight weeks of great matches. The macth was not all everyone was talking about, as more words from John Cena ended up burying Roman Reigns again. Reigns got a few shots in, but nobody can beat Cena in a war of words. He brought out how Roman failed a drug test after Roman said Cena was using WWE to break through into Hollywood. This was the official, and literal, mic drop.

One more week of Roman and John, both men getting as much freedom as possible to say whatever they want. Los Angeles and No Mercy is the must see Pay-Per-View since WrestleMania. For good reason, Cena and Reigns continue to get as personal and real as possible and it works. They have so much to use over Cena’s 15+ years and Roman’s 5. I think next week is when we get some physicality, maybe to the point where both men need an entire locker room to hold them back. I would love something as simple as a spit in the face or a slap. Make it as intense as you can without their wrestling “moves.”

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Emma defeated Sasha Banks

A solid women’s match on WWE RAW was not overshadowed by Nia and Alexa, who were both on commentary. Emma looked really good in the ring, as she finally gets an extended period of time to put on a good wrestling bout. Her offense seems fresh, different and has not be overexposed by a weekly battle with Banks and Bliss. The match was going her way, as a splash into the corner set up Banks for a near fall. Banks, however, would fight back and get her to tap out to the Banks Statement, letting the WWE Universe know that Sasha is aiming for the championship.

This was a solid bout and the women’s division seems to be running steady. I am excited for the Fatal Four-Way at WWE No Mercy because you can make a case for anyone winning. Also, Asuka’s video package came on WWE RAW and she will be debuting soon for Team Red. Much to my enjoyment, WWE is stocking up with talented women and Asuka will immediately be the top woman on the show, if not the company. They cannot pull a Nakamura build with her, where she gets a few wins and then challenges. If you want her to make an impact, you have her win the title on her first night.

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