Why Seth Rollins And Dean Ambrose’s Reunion Is A Great Thing For WWE

Seth rollins and dean ambrose

(Photo credit: PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

For weeks now, we have been teased with the possibility of a Shield Reunion on RAW as two of the three former members, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, have been saving each other from foes like Sheamus and Cesaro. In one of the best examples of epic storytelling in recent memory, the two former teammates had trouble trusting each other — which stemmed from Rollins’s betrayal a few years back. However, on RAW this week, their differences were finally put aside and the two men illustrated their devotion to each other when they finally performed the iconic Shield fist pose together.

Now that Rollins and Ambrose are back together, it will give both men a chance to shine in a whole new capacity. With that in mind, let’s take a look at why their reunion is a great thing for WWE.

It’s Their First Time Together As An Official Tag Team

Rollins and Ambrose have always had an important relationship. Back in their Shield days, Rollins was the Architect, the brains of the operation who had to keep the unpredictable Ambrose in check while Roman Reigns provided the muscle. The trio would go on to dominate WWE, winning multiple championships during their reign of destruction. However, this reunion between Ambrose and Rollins will mark their first time together as an official twosome.

While Rollins did win the Tag Team Championships as a member of the Shield, he did so with Reigns, not Ambrose. Thus, their reunion will finally allow us the chance to see the two of them interact more on a weekly basis. And as both of them have such great chemistry together, be it as friends or enemies, in the ring or backstage, it will be truly great to see them constantly together.

The Reunion Will Reinvigorate The Tag Team Division

Over the years, WWE’s tag team division has seen some awe-inspiring moments, matches and pairings. But in recent years, the division just hasn’t really been able to get off the ground. While Cesaro and Sheamus are doing more than a serviceable job as RAW’s Tag Team Champions, it still feels like something is missing. The Hardy Boyz brought the star power needed to liven things up, but it just never felt like they had that much competition in terms of WWE star power. However, that could be about to change.

Rollins and Ambrose may be former members of the Shield, but individually, they are also former WWE World Champions. Furthermore, they are also two of the most popular superstars in the business right now. Thus, putting them together may be exactly what the RAW Tag Team division needs. The last time any members of the Shield were directly involved with the Tag division, we saw one of the strongest periods its history. The faction, mainly Reigns and Rollins, would continually clash with Team Hell No for the Tag Team titles and produced some incredible matches. And that’s the kind of action we need to see from the division once more.

I said recently that it would be a mistake to reunite The Shield so soon after their split and I completely stand by that. However, bringing Ambrose and Rollins together is a whole different kettle of fish. The two men thrive on each other’s presence and whether they’re competing against each other, or together, they never fail to deliver. Fianlly having them resolve their issues will allow the two men to move past in and into new storylines together. And this is a great thing for WWE.

With former World Champs and huge stars like Ambrose and Rollins as potential future Tag Team Champions, you can bet that fans would regain their interest in the division.

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