Isenberg Reacts: WWE NXT “Is Hideo Itami The Right Choice For Bobby Roode?”

Hyping the NXT Women’s Championship

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With the announcement that Ember Moon is injured and will not be competing at NXT Takeover: Chicago, NXT featured a backstage interview and package about Ruby Riot and then a very interesting backstage segment with Nikki Cross. Both good, but the Cross segment was great. They cut away a few times as she would not listen to the director about the interview, hit the boom mics and then warned both women what she is going to do at NXT Takeover: Chicago. Cross, looking completely insane, really thrives in this character. She owns it and her insanity is something that creates a fresh and different storyline than the usual ones we have seen in NXT over the past few years. It has usually been about Asuka and who can beat her. That is still the story, but it is not JUST another woman trying to step up. Ruby and Nikki are both really good and both continuing to improve.

Will Asuka lose in Chicago? Unlikely, but I think one of these two women are close to getting to the level of Asuka. Look for that in the summer months.

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#DIY vs. Riddick Moss and Tino Sabatelli

Moss and Tino, a tag team who has begun to own their craft in NXT Live events, gets an opportunity to showcase their abilities on NXT TV against NXT’s most talented team. A few positives were seeing the new guys execute simple moves. Tino is a great athlete and has natural heel abilities, flexing and hitting dropkicks in the ring. His style is strong, but with a splash of flash. Not too much flash for Tino means he can thrive as a heel, given time. The heels really controlled a lot of the match until Gargano hit a spear and gets a close two count. Tino looks to take out the former champion, but spill to the outside. Perfect timing as always, DIY hits a Suicide Dive, a flying knee and their finisher on the young guys.

Surviving an early onslaught was a smart booking decision. If you want to show us a new tag team, let them get some offense in and see what they can do. I  like the potential for Tino and Moss. They are very easy to dislike, which is EXACTLY what you want from them. Men get jealous of their looks and success, while women will want to be with them. A modern day Billy and Chuck, am I right? I saw these guys work a solid match in Miami and the crowd, albeit small, booed the hell out of them. That is a positive sign.

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