Isenberg Reacts: WWE NXT “Is Hideo Itami The Right Choice For Bobby Roode?”

Fade to Black

Photo Credit: Thomas Gibson

Photo Credit: Thomas Gibson

Aleister Black took a few shots early from Cezar Bonani, but ended up kicking him in the stomach and then the face. He hit a knee in the back on his neck and then Black Mass for the win.

Aleister Black, once again, works a match under 2-3 minutes in showcasing his unique ability in the ring. There is nothing about him, so far, that is not to like. His look, his entrance and his style in the ring is great to watch. Do we want to see longer matches? Absolutely, that time will come from him and I hope it comes sooner rather than later. A slow build for a guy like this is definitely a good thing for the long term success in NXT. A quick match, but another taste of what he will bring to NXT in the future.

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The U.K Championship at NXT Takeover: Chicago is an excellent idea. As I have been saying for months and months, this is the perfect “mid card” title to feature on NXT on a weekly or month basis. The man that everyone fell in love with, Tyler Bate, faces the man that everyone wants to cheer and boo at the same time. That man is Pete Dunne. WWE NXT put together a solid video package tonight to make sure we remember how good these guys were and to get us excited about their contest in two weeks. Bate and Dunne could be the best match of the night. Kudos to booking this championship match at NXT Takeover: Chicago and giving it a new level of importance.

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