Isenberg Reacts: WWE RAW “No Number 1 Contender in Sight”

The Miz, Jericho and Ambrose Kick off WWE RAW


The beginning of WWE RAW was interesting, giving all three men their chance to host their “shows” in the ring. It ended up being The Ambrose Asylum, leading to a Dirty Deeds on The Miz. The interaction between all three men was fun, lighthearted and refreshing. I thought Jericho and Miz really worked well together and Ambrose sprinkled in just enough to remind us he is the only champion in the ring. This sets up a match for later in the night, but I wonder if WWE knows that Dean Ambrose should never start of WWE RAW. At least not in the spot he is in now.

That is the problem here, with WWE trying to give the fans something new but we have seen this feud (better on Smackdown with Renee Young) in the past. There is nothing really GREAT about it, but thankfully we can all agree that Chris Jericho usually makes segments better. He did just that tonight and makes us try and remember that his match with Kevin Owens on Sunday means something.

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Matt Hardy vs. Sheamus

These two men work really well together, hard hitting and physical. Matt Hardy hit a beautiful side effect on the apron, which helped him in his offensive transitions. Sheamus was able to battle back and try to work over his lower body, but a slight distraction cost Sheamus the match. Hardy hits Twist of Fate for the win.

We are all anticipating a “Broken” Matt Hardy and that time will come. For now, let him and Jeff do their thing. As we saw in two consecutive weeks, two singles matches helped escalate this feud. The feud is about respect. I am fine with that, if it means Sheamus and Cesaro ultimately turn heel. They are trying so hard to hold that for a bigger moment, but do not be surprised if another loss on Sunday means a post-match attack on the brothers who stole away their opportunity. It could really make this feud last longer, get more out of all four men and slowly insert Anderson and Gallows or Enzo and Big Cass.

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