Isenberg Reacts: WWE RAW “Like Swiss Cheese, Too Many Holes in Show”

One Thing Bothers Me About Goldberg

Photo Credit: 2k Sports

Photo Credit: 2k Sports

Goldberg and Kevin Owens kicked off WWE RAW tonight, from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Goldberg cuts a pretty basic promo and talks about becoming WWE Universal Champion. He then says he will go on to face Brock Lesnar and beat him again at WrestleMania. Kevin Owens comes out to the ramp and begins to run down Goldberg. He talks about beating John Cena, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles and many more guys on his way to becoming the champ. He says that Sunday will be the last time the fans chant Goldberg because it will die.

I like how WWE  RAW gave us something big to kick off the night. You needed to see both men in the same segment and hyping their match. A case could be made for both men to have some sort of physicality, but I understand that you want to save that for Sunday. One thing that really bothers me about Goldberg is that he is always laughing. He smirks and laughs every time someone else talks, which comes off to me as so cocky and arrogant. He is supposed to be a face, a crowd favorite. I would really enjoy seeing some sort of realism in his motions, not this fake reaction and him sarcastically laughing or clapping to his opponents. It does nothing to help anyone. 

The match on Sunday is going to be very interesting. They could still go with Owens and let the feud that deserves the title at WrestleMania take place. Honestly, I do not expect that at all. The WWE Universal Championship between Goldberg and Lesnar sounds more appealing to Vince. I get it. 

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The New Day Is Stuck

A tag team match between The New Day and Handsome Rusev and Hardbody Mahal took place on WWE RAW. A lack of creative efforts here, as The New Day picked up a win over Mahal when Rusev and Lana were arguing backstage. Interesting enough, they tried to mock the envelope error from Sunday’s awards ceremony, but it fell flat. Many segments seemed to have fallen flat in a very lackluster crowd in Green Bay. I do not blame them here, as it is very difficult to be as invested as we were with The New Day as before when they feud with lower card talent (not Rusev) in guys like Titus O’Neil, The Shining Stars and others. If they are not booked important in the tag team division, what good are they? That is why they are hosting WrestleMania 33, which I am optimistic about.

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