The Top 5 Worst Tag Teams of All Time

worst tag teams of all time

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Tag teams are never about the individual skills of the members, but instead about how well they work together. They can be great singles performers, but if there’s no real chemistry between them or if they don’t complement each other’s moves, it can easily turn into a disaster. In light of that, let’s see who are the wrestlers who managed to become a part of our top 5 worst tag teams of all time list. If your favorite team is one of these, you should probably give up on watching wrestling. It’s obviously not for you.

The Top 5 Worst Tag Teams of All Time

The Spirit Squad

To start things off, there’s the infamous Spirit Squad. Originally devised like an all-male cheerleading team, The Spirit Squad quickly managed to enrage a number of wrestling fans with their bland matches and a weird (but not in a good way) gimmick. What made matter worse was the fact that all of them were decent enough athletes, they just didn’t have anything unique about them and managed to dull up the whole sport. Originally consisting of 5 men dressed in green uniforms, the Spirit Squad quickly fell apart to just two guys – Kenny and Mikey. Interestingly, this breakup happened after only a few months together and one tag team championship under their belt. WWE obviously quickly decided that they weren’t too good.

Tekno Team 2000

Tekno Team 2000 was WWE’s attempt to start a new fashion trend with this futuristic tag team, but it pretty much failed miserably. This team, consisting of Travis and Troy, made their debut in 1994 and lasted less than two years, which is still amazing considering how bad they actually were. The duo was supposed to be an introduction to the 21st century, but they never made it that far. While their grey jumpsuits were truly appalling, they ultimately disbanded because of their poor performance. They kept losing matches and, basically, became jobbers. In the summer of 1996, WWF decided that they’ve had enough and released them from their contracts.

The Dicks

What can be said about a tag team that called itself the Dicks? The name came from the pseudonyms of the two members – Chad Dick and James Dick, but that doesn’t really explain it. Their gimmick was stripper-like outfit and pretty boy look, with no false humbleness. Besides that, they often used lotion to blind their opponents and, obviously, emphasize the sexual innuendo. All of this would have been alright if they actually delivered, but their wrestling skills weren’t really up to the task. They won some matches against equally bad tag teams, but disbanded later after only 5 months, and we wholeheartedly support that decision.

The Ding Dongs

The thing about the Ding Dongs is that they could have been great fighters, but no one actually figured it out because of their horribly annoying gimmick. They would come dressed in red full-body suits with bells drawn on them. Whenever possible they would ring an annoying bell to confuse the opponent or enrage the audience, and the second one is much more likely. For the fans to forgive such an annoying gimmick, they would have to be much better wrestlers and they simply weren’t. By the end of their tag team, it was revealed that they were jobbers and, well, no one was surprised and pretty much no one cared.

New Legion of Doom

Since the Legion of Doom was one of the best tag teams in wrestling history, it made sense that the New Legion of Doom would be at least decent, but they weren’t, not at all. The original Road Warriors, as they were called outside of the WWF, consisted of two wrestlers that went by the name of Hawk and Animal. Hawk would enter with “Oh, what a rush!” and the crowd would simply go wild. They were also the pioneers of face paint in wrestling and revolutionized the way wrestlers performed. When Hawk died in 2003, they tried to fill in the hole by teaming Animal with Heidenreich, but it was a disaster. Heidenreich was as bland and boring as possible and it felt that with every match they were hurting the legacy of the original tag team. After less than a year, Heidenreich was released from the WWE and this abomination of a tag team thankfully ceased to be.

That is our take on some of the worst tag teams in wrestling history. Who else do you think should be there?