The Top 10 Best WWE Theme Songs of the 1980’s

Best WWE Theme Songs

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The 1980’s were a great decade for pro wrestling, the wrestlers were diverse, remarkable, unique, and cool, and this decade gave us some of the absolute best WWE theme songs. Remind yourself of the very top theme songs that you were jamming out in the 1980’s, or find some new favorite wrestling tracks if you weren’t around back then. You’ll be surprised by the vast difference between modern day and pro wrestling in the 1980’s, and it’s maybe most reflected in the music of it.

Honky Tonk Man Theme Song

One of those tracks that will make you tap your feet even if you’re in a pool, as Honky Tonk Man was equally a great musician as he was a wrestler. The man was an Elvis impersonator, so the song is in the style of The King of Rock, with some great female vocals backing up his in-sync singing and catchy lyrics. It’s hard to explain how a song named “Cool, cocky, bad” can have such a happy vibe to it.

Koko B. Ware Theme Song

A wrestler with a unique sidekick in the form of a blue-and-yellow macaw named Frankie had a similarly unique theme song, which was close to an upbeat gospel song. Koko B. Ware was also musically talented, singing all his theme songs with great power and certainty, changing a few along the road, but his first one was the best, corresponding with his personality the most.

The Rockers Theme Song

In the ’80s a lot of songs had a strong start, they didn’t like to build up to the hype parts slowly, and The Rockers’ theme song followed the same winning recipe. The very start is similar to The Knack – My Sharona, and the whole track is perfect for a cover of a training montage in some fighting movie. The hard riffs will keep you buzzing and it’s not surprising how The Rockers were always fired up for their fights.

Mr. Perfect Theme Song

The diversity of theme songs was one of the things that made 1980’s pro wrestling great, and Mr. Perfect perfectly choose a unique tune to go with his unique persona. An orchestral grandiose sound, combined with subtle, but constantly present oriental vibe made Mr. Perfect’s theme song a rarity not just in the wrestling world, but in general music of the decade. The epic track that isn’t too pompous is a rare treat, so this is definitely one of the very few top theme songs of all time.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper Theme Song

There is something special about the sound of bagpipes that make them so fitting for warriors and battles, Rowdy Roddy Piper utilized that very well and we’re certain that everyone was feeling pumped up after listening to this theme song. The drums compliment the bagpipes perfectly, and unlike many other bagpipes tunes, Piper’s theme manages to stay interesting and fresh throughout its whole duration, mainly due to the army-style drums.

Best WWE Theme Songs

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Randy “Macho Man” Savage Theme Song

Loud, grand, flashy, and in your face – Randy Savage’s theme song perfectly corresponded to his own persona, and when a fit that great occurs, the song becomes an instant classic among the fans. Randy “Macho Man” Savage used a famous composition of a brilliant English composer Sir Edward Elgar, called Pomp and Circumstance Marches, premiered back in 1901. Savage was in a class of his own, educating fans and giving them a taste of finer things in life.

Ultimate Warrior Theme Song

If you could say that one wrestling theme song from the 1980’s was fitting to the time in which it was used it’s the Ultimate Warrior’s one. We have the same tappy back instrumental, pumping the blood in the veins with each tough beat. It has that “go and get stuff done” vibe to it, while still being pleasing to the ears with great riffs and drums pauses. The ultimate theme song for the Ultimate Warrior.

Demolition Theme Song

One of the very few theme tracks from the 1980’s that could work in modern days, and in the last two decades too, which is a different way of saying that it is a timeless classic. Perfect track for something as extreme as pro wrestling is, but still having that high entertainment value, on the level of 90’s TV shows theme songs. Of course, the hardcore guitar riffs and raspy, strong male vocals went great with the fiery Demolition team.

Ted DiBiase Theme Song

This track is mostly great because of the perfect hook with amazing female vocals singing “Money, money, money, money” in a perfect style of the 80’s. Even though we’re not big fans of simple talking in songs, Ted Dibiase makes it work, but mostly because of the simple, but effectively contrasting female chorus. The beat fits the tone of the lyrics and Dibiase’s persona perfectly, and we have to give props to Ted’s menacing laugh.

Hulk Hogan Theme Song

Arguably the best wrestler of all time has for sure one the best theme songs ever in Real American. The songs starts pretty mellow, soothing, and then explodes like Hogan did every time he tore his shirt. One of the very few wrestling songs that could be a hit even without the attachment to a wrestling persona, as it is that good and carries a timeless, positive message. The chorus is the best part of the song, as the singer manages to keep it fresh with his intonation, and he’s the real reason why this theme song is one of the very best ever.

Did we miss any song that you consider as one of the best WWE theme songs from the ’80s?